What is offered by your company?
We offer our clients a convenient opportunity to gain this income, but not the minimum bank interests, thanks to investments into trade in cryptocurrency at the exchange.
FWhat is cryptocurrencies?
Cryptocurrencies are the latest means of payment existing in exclusively electronic format and representing much more predicted and profitable tool in comparison with regular currency.
How do you work?
Our brokers are engaged in trade at the exchanges of cryptocurrencies at the expense of clients, receiving a certain level of the commission for the services.
Can the broker dispose of my finance?
Our brokers have no opportunity to use means of the client somehow except direct trade, and their income depends only on commission charges from profit of our investors.
What experience has your company?
Our company works at the market of cryptocurrencies more than five years, and our specialists have a work experience not only in the direction of trade in cryptocurrencies, but also earlier were engaged in the biddings on Forex, the security exchanges and shares.
What guarantees can you provide?
Our company provides a number of reliable guarantees. It both completely official registration, and insurance of all investments, both a possibility of a daily conclusion of profit and observation of it, and the risk diversification performed due to trade at several various exchanges of cryptocurrencies is also final, professionalism of our specialists – both analysis department, and brokers.
What advantages are in work with cryptocurrencies?
In addition to high and stable percent of profit, cryptocurrency also are much more predicted and less dependent on a political situation in the world – their issue isn't controlled by the state, and is in advance programmed size which it is impossible to influence in no way. Besides, the exchanges of cryptocurrencies are never closed – neither in case of acute fluctuations of the market, nor in case of approach of night time of day, days off or holidays. So – your money will work every second.
What is the admissible size of the deposit?
Our company has no upper restriction on the deposit size, and the minimum deposit constitutes only $10 so you can easily make sure in efficiency and safety of work with us with the minimum investments.
What currencies are accepted by your company?
As means of payment, we accept the systems Payeer, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Advcash.
In what currency a withdrawal of funds is made?
A withdrawal of funds is made in deposit currency.
Withdrawals are instant; the minimum and maximum amount is unlimited.
Is there any commission on withdrawal of funds?
We don't take any additional withdrawal of funds commission – you receive so much money how many you earned and how many is in your personal account.
You spoke about official registration where it is possible to get acquainted with it?
Our company is registered in Great Britain. Our registration data: BIT-INVEST-PROFIT LIMITED, 27 OLD GLOUCESTER STREET, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, WC1N 3AX, Company No. 10388917.
Is it possible to introduce several deposits in various currencies?
There are no restrictions for quantity of investment deposits.
When do my investment begin to make profit?
Your means begin to work right after introduction of the deposit – the profit begins to be calculated to within a minute.
Do you have a service of technical support?
We ensure round-the-clock operation of technical support so in case of any problems with introduction of the deposit, a conclusion of the earned means or concerning work of our system you can ask other questions us at any time.
What are the working hours of your company?
We work round the clock – it is provided with both the wide professional state, and the whole complex of the duplicative equipment on a case of malfunctions with communication or power supply.
Do you allow multiple registrations on the website?
No, we don’t. Multiple registrations on the website are prohibited!
Do you have an affiliate program?
Yes, we do. We offer our investors the 3-level affiliate program.
Level 1 - 5%
Level 2 - 2%
Level 3 - 1%